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Busways officers improved onboard experience with community officers

Australian bus and coach operator Busways says that its community relations officers continue to improve on board experience. 

Busways says the officers are always working with passengers, drivers and the public in New South Wales and South Australia to encourage positive behaviour on=board buses and answer questions. 

The officers have worked with Sydney trains transit officers, NSW Police and shopping centre security teams, while it has also teamed up with SA Police and Wilson Security to address anti-social behaviour such as fare evasion or poor conduct on buses. 

Last year, more than 54,000 passengers had their ticket inspected, nearly 765 were issued fare evasion fines and infringement notices, more than 500 received a transit caution and 18 arrests were made. 

“It’s important that customers understand any service can be inspected at any time,” Busways team leader Hesh Youssef says. 

“We conduct inspections at any time of day or night, across all our regions, so if you fare evade or misbehave it’s only a matter of time until you get caught. 

“All of our team wear body cameras, and footage from these can be used to assist police with investigations.” 

Youssef says that people who do the right thing will always have the backing of Busways. 

“We take these matters very seriously – our regular inspection activities and onboard presence helps reduce fare evasion, anti-social behaviour and improves safety,” Youssef says. 

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