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BusVic launches industry recruiting website

In a unique way of curbing skilled worker shortage problems in the industry, BusVic has launched a new website aimed at helping employers recruit diverse workers at a lower cost.

In a first for the local bus and coach industry, BusVic has launched a new communications campaign aimed at attracting more people to the industry.

The campaign takes the form of a new website at that provides a cheaper and easier resource for members of the industry to find and recruit workers, particularly women, backed by a state-wide industry attraction campaign.

BusVic CEO Chris Lowe says the website has been designed by local developers in Melbourne to help members of the industry fill the skilled worker shortages.

“A lot of operators have obligations in their new service contracts to place women in their businesses and we thought this could be a way to help,” Lowe told ABC. “This is a good way of matching up people looking for a change in the bus industry with employers wanting more people.

“It gives operators and our members an affordable platform to show the world that we have jobs available in Victoria and Australia.”

Lowe says BusVic wants to make the website accessible for the whole industry.

This involves making the placing of job ads on the site free until January 31, 2023, where a nominal cost will then be put in place for listing jobs at a much cheaper rate than other recruitment agencies or websites.

While spreading the word of the site, Lowe says he is aware that current labour shortages aren’t just affecting Victoria – BusVic has reached out to all other bus associations encouraging them to have their members use the platform.

“People should use this website to recruit people, while the general public should rely on it for a comprehensive listing of jobs currently available,” Lowe says.

Lowe says the website will help members fill job vacancies while assisting them in fulfilling contracted social procurement obligations related to women employees.

Alongside advertising the website on traditional and social media channels, BusVic also wants to emphasise this investment will help fill gaps in operator’s businesses around the nation.

“One key part is how affordable it is for the operators, unlike other recruitment websites,” Lowe says. “Some sites cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to advertise on, this website is a fraction of these amounts.

“It’s an Australasian site including New Zealand. We’d like everyone to spread the word so operators across Australasia can make use of the site.”  

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