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BusNSW ready for viable and sustainable future

As BusNSW opens its membership registration for the year ahead, it says there are plenty of reasons to get involved with the state bus and coach association
After 18 years as BusNSW executive director, Darryl Mellish will be handing over the role to Matt Threlkeld (pictured) in July

In an ever-changing industry like public transport, maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring business sustainability is crucial. For those in the NSW bus and coach sector, BusNSW can help you achieve these goals by granting access to valuable resources, industry insights and collaborative opportunities that help businesses stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions.

BusNSW has been the peak body for the private bus and coach industry since it was founded in 1942 and represents a diverse range of bus and coach operators and suppliers. The association’s governance structure is set up to ensure small and large organisations, family businesses, private companies and multinationals from across the state are represented at an industry level.

Full membership is open to accredited bus and coach operators in NSW, including regular passenger and school service operators, and long-distance, tourist and charter operators. Associate membership is available to suppliers of goods and services who support the bus industry in a variety of ways.

BusNSW’s mission – to foster the efficient and sustainable growth of public transport – is at the heart of its work program.

BusNSW offers its members a range of services designed to support safe and efficient bus and coach services for the benefit of the community through:

  1. Advocacy and Representation: BusNSW acts as a powerful advocate for its members. By becoming a member, bus operators gain a collective voice that can influence NSW government policies, regulations, and funding decisions. This collective voice ensures that the industry’s unique needs and challenges receive attention and genuine consideration.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Membership in BusNSW provides access to a vast network of industry professionals. BusNSW conferences, exhibitions, seminars and workshops are highly regarded and provide members with opportunities to connect socially and professionally. From operators to suppliers, members can connect, collaborate and exchange insights.
  3. Training and Development: Staying competitive necessitates ongoing learning. BusNSW offers free online driver customer service training and liaises with its RTO partner, Into Training Australia, on accessing free and subsided training on behalf of industry. BusNSW also collaborates with TAFE NSW on addressing bus industry skills challenges.
  4. Access to Resources: The bus and coach industry can be intricate. BusNSW simplifies matters by offering an array of resources, including fact and member information sheets, templates and guides.
  5. Cost Savings: BusNSW membership gives access to discounted signage and equipment via Bus Signs Plus.
  6. Industry Insights: Staying well-informed about industry changes is vital. BusNSW publishes a monthly Bulletin magazine and sends regular email broadcasts, delivering valuable insights into contract matters, regulatory updates, business opportunities and emerging technologies.
  7. Safety and Compliance: Complying with safety and regulatory standards is essential when operating heavy vehicles and providing passenger transport. BusNSW offers guidance and resources to help members meet these requirements.
  8. Business Promotion: BusNSW actively promotes its members through various channels. This exposure can increase visibility and create business opportunities, as potential clients and partners often seek out members for their integrity and commitment to industry standards.

Joining BusNSW is not just a business decision; it represents an investment in the future of the NSW bus and coach industry. By becoming part of BusNSW, bus and coach operators position themselves for success and play a role in shaping a brighter future for the industry.

A new BusNSW membership year starts in December 2023, so now is the time to apply.

Further information and a simple online application form can be found on the BusNSW website at

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