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Bus Search Volgren continues constant evolution

Volgren Australia is intent on solidifying its reputation in the local market. It’s turning to zero-emissions options to build its technological capabilities in 2023 and beyond.

From its flagship Optimus body to its other international bus models, Volgren is showcasing its complete range of products. The bodybuilder has spent recent years optimising its leading models to ensure they are even more efficient than before. Volgren Australia Chief Commercial Officer Yuri Tessari says the hard work has resulted in a versatile and modern portfolio to offer the market.

“We are presenting our complete range of products, from our Optimus City Bus to the Marcopolo Audace,” Tessari told ABC. “Volgren offers high levels of flexibility and customisation in our product range, hence all the variances in chassis brands and technology, onboard equipment and general dimensions.”

Volgren’s range starts with its champion product, the Optimus. In 2023, the body is featured with a zero-emissions twist. In recent years, Volgren has invested in making the Optimus even better and more efficient, especially when it comes to the zero-emissions side of bus body technology.

Tessari says Volgren is currently manufacturing the Optimus body with three different battery electric chassis. While doing this, the company is also developing the bus body on several other key global OEMs in the industry to emphasise its new energy focus. Tessari is also testing a new hydrogen version of the Volgren body for 2023.

Tessari says the modern Optimus model was originally designed in 2013 in collaboration with the Monash University Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture. The body has been developed to be both technically superior and meet the needs of operators, drivers and passengers. With the unique Swiss-designed Co-Bolt® system construction technology featured, Tessari says Volgren has built a bus that is lighter, more spacious, stronger and markedly safer than other Australian-produced route buses.

Despite this evolution to the Optimus body, Volgren has still ensured that its flagship product remains as reliable as it has always been.

“The Optimus is a vehicle trusted by public transport operators across Australia and overseas,” Tessari says. “It’s a bus that passengers and drivers in all parts of the country have come to know and trust.”

The Optimus also comes in an electric model, ranging from 9.9m to 12.5m.


“With every battery electric bus built, Volgren has improved its processes. We can comfortably say now that building an electric bus is second nature for our company,” Tessari says. “All three of our factories are fully prepared and are capable of producing electric vehicles with the same speed as we produce buses using other technologies.

“We build electric buses using about 100 Australian suppliers and are incredibly proud to retain almost 90 per cent proportion of local production.”

Also featuring in Volgren’s versatile fleet is the Endura bus. Tessari says the body combines engineering excellence with outstanding durability. Volgren has built the Endura model to withstand exacting use in the toughest of Australian conditions.


“This is a proven long-life bus,” Tessari says. “When you purchase it, you’ll be buying an Australian-designed vehicle with a corrosion-resistant body, meaning lower fuel consumption, less wear-and-tear and maintenance, and cheaper repairs over the bus’s life.”

Volgren’s fleet also includes the Audace from its parent company, Marcopolo. Tessari says the new-look Audace 1050 is a versatile bus that is ideal for school, charter, mining or long distance coach applications. The product comes in either a 57 fixed seat or 53 reclining seat model, with both buses featuring high levels of customisation and flexibility. This includes options for toilets or wheelchair lifts to be installed.

“The Marcopolo Audace is a quality flexible bus that is paired with an outstanding European chassis,” Tessari says. “It offers passenger comfort while being competitively priced. Like all Volgren vehicles, the Audace 1050 is supported by Australia’s largest aftersales network.”

This diverse product range showcases Volgren’s ability to multiply its available vehicles year upon year. Tessari says the bodybuilder can continue evolving by keeping its product design solid while also adapting it to new technologies and innovating further.

“With more than 10,000 buses built and delivered in Australia, Volgren has gained the trust from the market in both our products and services,” Tessari says. “By leading the evolution to zero-emission product alternatives, Volgren can diversify its portfolio and continue being involved in several Australian projects.

“We aim to continue creating jobs across all of our three factories in the country while delivering new buses to key Australian operators.” 

What to look forward to in 2023

Volgren has numerous new body options ready to launch in 2023, starting with its Optimus product. The bodybuilder is primed to launch a hydrogen version of the model by the middle of 2023 to match the recently released battery electric product.

Volgren will launch the new body options with different global OEMs. It all makes for an exciting year ahead for the bodybuilder.

“We have been heavily investing in project development and will soon have many other product options to offer,” Tessari told ABC. “This will join all of the work being done in the battery electric field, while we’re very close to launching our hydrogen body option with Wrightbus in the UK.”

This exciting technology stems from Volgren’s parent company, Marcopolo. Tessari says the Australian bodybuilder is also looking to bring a new Brazilian product down under to showcase the best of global zero-emissions bus and coach models. Volgren will ensure it maintains its high standards it is renowned for in Australia while introducing the latest bodies.

“Volgren is also working closely with Marcopolo Brazil to bring the latest coach bus technology, the Marcopolo G8, into Australia during 2023,” Tessari says. “The industry can still expect Volgren to provide innovation, flexibility and quality in our new technology.”

Check out Volgren’s product specifications here.

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