Deliveries up again

It’s been a strong couple of months for bus and coach deliveries, and the numbers are looking good as we head into 2017

Deliveries up again
Victoria led the way when looking at deliveries on a state by state basis


Deliveries suffered in the last quarter of this year, after a couple of months of above-average numbers, but have now returned to their former glory.

Coming from 97 in October, November saw 100 buses delivered, representing a hike of about 3 per cent.

This number is still above average for the year, as January to May saw no delivery totals above 86, it round soft the year nicely and shows the market is still reasonably buoyant.

For suppliers, the vast majority of deliveries were Volvos (43), followed by Scanias (33). Yutong was the biggest surprise in terms of manufactures, reporting seven deliveries for the month of November 2016. All other manufacturers delivered less than three vehicles respectively.

Body builder Volgren led the way by a vast margin with 40, which was slightly down on the huge 27 reported in October. Bustech had a very strong showing with 13, compared to an impressive 16 the month before.  Irizar also had a good month and increased its number to eight, although this is much less that the huge 19 recorded in October.

Thermo King was down in October compared to the month before and its units were included in the delivery of 39 buses nationwide, a fair way short of the 46 it posted the month before. Shperos had a strong month and was involved in the delivery of 27 buses. Hispacold is still going solid with 10, and Coachair is just shy of that on nine.

Victoria led the way when looking at deliveries on a state by state basis with 38 per cent, followed by New South Wales (32 per cent) and Western Australia (14 per cent). Queensland had a relatively weak month in terms of bus deliveries, with just 12 per cent.

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