Triple digits

Deliveries were up for July, the first month this year to break three digits

The country saw a solid increase in deliveries last month, with 104 buses delivered in July.

Volvo and Scania were dominant as usual with 44 and 27 chassis delivered respectively, while Chinese supplier Yutong had a hand in eight of July's hand-overs.

Almost a quarter of Volvo buses (10) went to CDC Hillsbus in New South Wales.

Volgren topped the builders again in July with 37 buses built, while Custom Bus tied at 8 with Yutong, who make thier own bodies.

Thermo King were the country's favourite air-con supplier again, with 47 units going into July's buses, though Spheros (15) and Denso (13) deserve honourable mentions.

About half of July's buses will be uses for route services.

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