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BLK Auto brings big four to Expo

BLK Auto is bringing four different models to this year's Bus & Coach Expo

BLK Auto has been working hard post-COVID-19 to unveil its latest range of dynamic bus and coaches. At this year’s Bus & Coach Expo, it will be bringing four of its best models to its booth.

Two battery electric buses will headline BLK’s offerings at the Expo in October, being the 12.5 metre chassis and its seven-metre electric city bus.

BLK Auto Australian managing director Jason Pecotic says he can’t wait for the industry to see BLK’s newest models.

“It’s a very fluid time for the industry,” Pecotic told ABC. “I’m extremely excited to be launching these new buses into the Expo.”

In its fleet of four buses it will show at the Expo, BLK Auto will unveil a seven-metre low-floor electric city bus. Along with a double deck 12.5-metre coach, BLK will also give visitors the chance to see its 12.36-metre, 48-seat coach fitted with wheelchair access and toilet as well as a 12-metre electric option.

The four options offer a diverse range from BLK, with the company intent on showing the Australian market its ability to provide zero-emissions and diesel models for various applications required in the industry.

Pecotic says the Expo comes at a good time for BLK Auto, as post-COVID the manufacturer has planned a wave of new releases.

“What we’re trying to display to the marketplace, is the diversity of products that BLK can build,” Pecotic says. “Whether it’s a battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell chassis, or whether it’s a seven-metre electric bus or a diesel double deck coach, we have the ability as a boutique manufacturer to build, display and supply a range of bus products.

“Our investment in Australia is to show the industry how we’ve gone in the past two years as we support the zero-emissions future.”

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