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BIC weighs in on “disappointing” federal budget for bus industry

BIC has responded to a federal budget that only briefly included funding for key bus infrastructure projects

The Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) has responded to this week’s handed down federal budget for 2024-25, calling it a “disappointment for the industry”.

In analysing the budget, BIC executive director Roz Chivers says the confederation was disappointed not to be captured in certain funding streams.

“We were hoping that the bus and coach industry would be captured in the government’s Future Made in Australia announcement to address ongoing bus manufacturing and supply issues, but it didn’t eventuate,” Chivers told ABC.

“The most significant and interesting announcements made were the $100 million for the Western Sydney Rapid Bus Infrastructure Upgrade and $115 million for zero-emissions buses tranche one infrastructure at NSW’s Macquarie Park depot.”

Outside of this, the Future Made in Australia stream provides $54.7 million over two years to develop legislation that establishes a National Interest Framework.

The budget focused on renewable energy and making it an Australian superpower, with roughly $8 billion over 10 years being provided to support the production of renewable hydrogen.

Alongside this, $549 million over eight years will support local battery manufacturing, while $20.9 million over four years will allow further consultations on incentives to support low carbon liquid fuels.

On the workforce side, $91 million over five years will support the development of a clean energy workforce, while $265.1 million over four years will further support apprentices, trainees and their employees in priority occupations.

The infrastructure investments also expanded to the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard introduction, with $60 million over four years helping install electric vehicle charging infrastructure at automotive businesses.

Outside of this, $32 million over six years will improve the National Road Safety Data Hub, while $12.6 million over four years will support the delivery of the federal government’s Urban Agenda.

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