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BIC questions Queensland’s bus manufacturing plan

BIC has put into question the $134 million bus manufacturing plan by the Queensland government announced last month

The Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) has responded to the local manufacturing announcement made by the Queensland government last month on a LinkedIn post, saying that they found the announcement both welcoming and interesting.

“It recognises our advocacy regarding low order numbers and the pressure that suppliers are under. It includes low emission as well as zero emission buses – something we have been speaking with all governments about,” BIC says.

Last month Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the plan to build 200 buses in Queensland with a $134 million investment.

This plan was expected to restore Queensland’s bus manufacturing system, which has been under significant pressure due to low order volumes, while the investment is designed to support hundreds of local jobs.

“This is an investment in Queenslanders and the future of our skilled manufacturing system,” Palaszczuk says.

“We know that when we build here in Queensland, we are supporting local workers, local suppliers and the next generation of skilled bus builders.”

The buses will be owned by the state, operated by Transport and Main Roads and will be fully accessible to ensure all Queenslanders have access to public transport.

“When Brisbane City Council made the decision to build its new Metro bus fleet overseas, Queensland manufacturing workers missed out,” Queensland treasurer Cameron Dick says.

“The Queensland government will always support local manufacturers and local workers to ensure automotive manufacturing remains a strong part of Queensland’s diverse economy.”

BIC then went on to say that they were happy that the Queensland government was supporting their own buses but wished it could do more on that front.

“It is fabulous that it is supporting local manufacturing but a shame that local is so local and not Australian,” BIC says on the LinkedIn post.

“The number of bus orders in Australia each year isn’t large enough to sustain manufacturing in every state.”

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