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BIC continues pushing for regulatory change

The Bus Industry Confederation has always been steadfast in its commitment to helping create and maintain safe environments on and around buses for drivers, passengers and the public alike, from establishing best practice to advocating for policy reform

One of the safe bus initiatives we’re involved in is the Bus Safety Forum, last held in August 2023. Chaired by federal assistant transport minister Senator Carol Brown and attended by government-invited industry representatives, the forum concluded with a series of key deliverables set to augment public awareness and improve cut-through to government agenda.

An example of these was the recently released, wide-reaching NHVR campaign, “We all need space”, which set out to remind road users of the simple safety tips that serve to keep us safe while out and about on Australian roads, including:

  • Never overtaking a turning bus
  • Giving way to merging buses
  • Reducing speed and paying extra caution when passing a stopped school bus flashing its warning lights, and
  • Wearing seat belts when there is provision.

To find out more and check out the latest bus campaign, head to the NHVR website at:

The second action focused on creating the Bus Safety Working Group to improve safety at the regulatory level. Selected by government, the newly established group comprises members from federal, state and territory governments, as well as the Bus Industry Confederation and key industry experts.

The mandate of the Bus Safety Working Group crosses an expansive range of topics that were raised at the August forum, along with the issues raised in the Bus Industry Confederation’s Bus Safety Initiatives Paper and across the industry. These issues included:

  • Improving and harmonising seat belt requirements
  • Added seat belt signage and usage reminder systems
  • Event data recorder requirements practical for buses
  • Standardising bus door safety (interlock and pressure sensing systems)
  • Updating regulations supporting fit out of bus driver safety screens (where installed).

A series of in-person mini workshops covering each of the issues in detail are scheduled to take place from May 2024, beginning with seat belts.

While the representatives are largely set by the government, the Bus Industry Confederation highly encourages representative recommendations and any other feedback relating to the above-mentioned issues. Your view is important, so please feel free to reach out to us via

The task of improving bus safety for all is ongoing and we welcome the work being done to roll out improvements across all quarters. Working together, we can ensure that the expected reform outcomes are practical and achievable for all Australians.

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