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Bayside looks to improve bus services with new survey

Bayside Council is looking to improve bus services in the area by using the Better Bus Survey

The Metropolitan Transport Forum’s Better Bus Survey is now open for Bayside locals to celebrate Bus Awareness Week.

The Bayside Council says buses are a vital part of Victoria’s transport network, providing more than 60 per cent of public transport options for Melburnians.

However, it says that Bayside bus services are indirect, infrequent and not well connected with rail services, particularly in the suburbs of Black Rock and Beaumaris.

“The lack of frequent and convenient services increases reliance on private car transport,” the Council says.

“Transport in Bayside is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 16 per cent of the community’s total emissions.”

While the Victorian government is reducing emissions through a zero-emissions bus fleet, the Bayside Council is advocating for better and more efficient bus services in the area.

Bayside Council wants to understand how locals currently use bus services and for them to share their ideas on how buses could work better.

The survey closes on Sunday November 12 and helps councils to advocate for better bus services based on feedback.

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