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Bathurst to Orange coach service to align with trial run

The Bathurst to Orange evening coach service is one of many changes that is set to accommodate a trial run being held in Bathurst

The Bathurst Bullet timetable has been changed for Wednesday services, including the evening Bathurst to Orange coach service.

Originally leaving at 8pm, the service is now set to depart at 7:10pm to align with the arrival of a train trial run being held by operator Indian Pacific.

Having begun on November 15 and going through until March 27, NSW TrainLink says the changes made are set to accommodate the trial.

During the trial period, Wednesday Bathurst Bullet services will align with the timetable for other weekdays. NSW transport says it should assist passengers with consistency.

Holders of booked tickets have been sent an SMS alert advising them of all the changes. Unbooked passengers planning to travel on it have been advised to check TripPlanner and other transport apps for up-to-date service times.

Changes in the morning include the 6:03am train between Lithgow and Bathurst departing at 5:38am plus the 7:35am Bathurst to Sydney Terminal train arriving 27 minutes earlier at 11:19am.

Other afternoon and evening changes include the 3:57pm Sydney Terminal to Bathurst train now departing at 3:05pm and the 8:32pm Bathurst to Lithgow train departing at 7:25pm.

NSW TrainLink has apologised to passengers for any inconvenience caused and has thanked them for being patient while the trial takes place.

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