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Ausmotor targets Songz Aussie expansion

With a local network established, Ausmotor is looking to bring more exciting Songz models into Australia in 2024 and beyond

With a local network developed, Ausmotor Industry is looking to introduce more exciting Songz bus HVAC models, focusing on Songz brand air-conditioners and battery thermal management systems (BTMS) for zero-emissions buses for the Australian industry in 2024 and beyond.

As the exclusive supplier of  Songz Automobile Air Conditioning in Australia, Ausmotor is prepared with a full range of Songz brand electric bus A/C and BTMS options available for the local market in 2024 and beyond.

Songz’s LMD-VI-BND model and the higher model LMD-VIT-AND for 12.5m electric buses have been the standout performers recently for Ausmotor, as it has tailored the popular zero-emissions bus’ HVAC models to supply to Australian bus operators.

“While we now have full series electric bus A/C models from Songz in our range, the 12.5m unit is a very well-liked option,” Ausmotor general manager Scott Ma told ABC.

Songz’s LMD-VI models have extensive range, with the model being a proven global leader in terms of quality within the zero-emissions bus markets in China and around the world.

Alongside Songz’s premier 12.5m zero-emissions bus A/C in the LMD-VI model, Ausmotor is also supplying a full series of Songz products to the local market. The 12.5m version is now available as an electric model, while other units suited to both zero-emissions and diesel buses range from 8m to 18m in length. Songz models are also available for double-decker buses, with the JLE-IIIB being ideal for zero-emissions vehicles of that size.

“With electric buses coming into the market, we’ve brought a wide range of A/C units into the Australian zero-emissions bus market that are perfectly suited to all electric buses,” Ma says.

“Ausmotor is expecting Songz-made electric models to become a major player in the Australian market, as Songz’s electric bus A/C units are in the upper echelon of global technical quality for A/C models.”

Songz is one of the world’s largest auto A/C manufacturer and a global leader in EV A/C units and BTMS. When it comes to research and design, as well as manufacturing zero-emissions systems, Songz supplies to the majority of Chinese bus manufacturers including BYD, King Long, Higer, Foton and Golden Dragon.

Songz has also provided its products for 16 overseas bus manufacturers, such as CAIO and Marcopolo in Brazil. There are currently about 30 countries that feature buses with Songz products installed.

With 15 Songz-owned manufacturing facilities located in China, Indonesia and Finland, Songz produces more than 40,000 electric bus A/C kits and 10,000 sets of BTMS annually.

From Ausmotor’s perspective, Songz’s HVAC units are an ideal fit for the Australian zero-emissions bus market due to their leading qualities and production capacities, as well as their competitive costs and energy savings.

Ma says these factors make Songz an enticing choice for operators wanting to introduce zero-emissions units onto its bus and coach fleets.

“We’re eligible to play a role in supplying zero-emissions A/Cs and BTMS to the zero-emissions bus market,” Ma says.

“We also have the most competitive prices to satisfy the best interests of our clients and a well-established local aftersales maintenance network, so we are ready to service a greener future in Australia.”

What to look forward to in 2024

For Ausmotor and Songz, 2024 will continue to revolve around the electric bus A/C market.

“Alongside introducing Songz’s proven zero-emissions bus LMD-VI models for 12.5m electric buses, we are looking forward to spreading Songz’s sustainable offerings by bringing all Songz models into Australia that we can,” Ma says.

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