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ACT government launches new MyWay+ public transport ticketing system

Canberra passengers will get to see the new system being tested on four new electric demonstration buses around the territory

The ACT government has announced a new ticketing system for the territory, with Canberra’s public transport network set to be modernised by the delivery of MyWay+.

ACT transport minister Chris Steel says the new system is currently learning the territory’s transport network courtesy of four new electric demonstration buses completing routes with the equipment installed.

“The installation of new equipment and the demonstration buses on the road is a key milestone for the MyWay+ project,” Steel says.

“It will allow our bus drivers to understand the MyWay+ functions and support the technology to ‘learn’ our public transport network by collecting geo-location data.

“MyWay+ will provide journey planning, real-time passenger information and it will include simple ticketing options such as being able to tap on and off on your phone, smart watches and debit or credit card.”

The new account-based ticketing system is set to commence full operations in November this year, with the physical installation of new equipment across the Transport Canberra fleet expected to begin in October.

“This includes hardware like validators, driver consoles and ticket vending machines at light rail stations and major interchanges,” Steel says.

“Throughout this installation phase during October and November, no fares will be collected from passengers to allow a seamless switchover to the new service expected for full launch in November.”

For those in Canberra who have a demonstration bus arrive for a regular service, they will be able to enjoy a free ride without having to tap on and off with their existing MyWay card.

ACT transport minister Chris Steel. Image: ACT government

“As we prepare for the MyWay+ switchover later in the year, Canberrans should continue using their existing MyWay cards for bus and light rail services,” Steel says.

“I also urge them to register their existing MyWay card if they have not already done so to assist in balance transfers and refunds when the new system comes online.

“The switch to MyWay+ has many components so we will work closely with the community and a range of stakeholder groups to ensure a seamless transition.

“The introduction of MyWay+, combined with a significantly expanded electric bus fleet, will transform public transport in Canberra and make it an even more attractive choice for commuters.”

MyWay+ will work by allowing commuters to tap on and off with debit cards, credit cards or devices like phones and smart watches.

While people can still purchase paper tickets from machines and staff, the new system will increase the ability to record real-time passenger information and provide accurate journey planning for passengers.

“NEC is excited to be working with Transport Canberra and the ACT government in introducing the MyWay+ system, which will help to significantly improve the public transport experience in Canberra,” NEC Head of Smart Transport ANZ/Global Centre of Excellence Lead Mark Messenger says.

“At NEC, we are committed to developing solutions that enhance the citizen experience and improve accessibility of public transport for all members of society.

“This aligns strongly with Transport Canberra’s focus on customer satisfaction and inclusivity, and together we feel we are poised to deliver a solution that will set the standard for exceptional customer experiences.”

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