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The Australian bus and coach industry has experienced significant growth over the past decade on the back of increased patronage fuelled by record investment in infrastructure and services.

Australia-wide bus patronage increased by almost 23 percent in metropolitan areas in the 10 years from 1998-99 to 2008-09 —compared with 13.9 percent growth in total passenger transport, and as high as 67 percent in Brisbane where governments have invested billions of dollars in a world-class network of busways and integrated ticketing systems.

This impressive growth in patronage has driven rapid expansion of the bus and coach industry — and the emergence of highly professional regional, national and multinational operators.

Some 2,000-3,000 operators, along with chassis and body suppliers and associated service providers, are now estimated to employ a workforce of some 30,000 people across the nation; while the capital city bus fleet has expanded to in excess of 10,000.

Bus and coach sales, meanwhile, skyrocketed from 921 in 2001 to a record 1,903 in 2010 — an increase of more than 100 percent — before settling back to 1,531 in 2011.

This rapid growth is set to continue on the back of continued investment in infrastructure and services.

Driving this growth will be readers of Australasia’s leading bus and coach industry publisher, Australasian Bus & Coach (ABC), the owners and managers of small, medium and large bus and coach businesses.

It is these operators that will underpin record investment across the sector, in vehicles, chassis and bodies, seating, air-conditioning, tyres and wheels, parts and accessories, fuels and lubricants, technology, recruitment and training, property and construction, finance and insurance, and lots more.


For 30 years ABC has been the number one source of news and information for key decision makers in the bus and coach industry.

The Transport Census 2012, a survey of 962 transport operators undertaken by market research firm The Seed, confirmed this.

The landmark survey found 90 percent of bus and coach operators surveyed ‘frequently’ or ‘regularly’ read the monthly magazine.

Additionally, 34 percent ‘frequently’ or ‘regularly’ visit ABC’s daily news website BusNews.com.au and read its weekly e-news bulletin.

The survey also confirmed that ABC readers are key decision makers, with 69 percent owners or managers of bus and coach businesses with between 1-10 (35 percent), 11-100 (28 percent) and 100+ (12 percent) vehicles and responsible for purchasing decisions across a wide range of products and services.

The reason is simple: only ABC delivers the depth and breadth of news and information they need to effectively run their businesses.

Daily online ABC breaks the big business and industry news stories of direct relevance to owners and managers — also conveniently delivered direct into the inboxes of leading operators every Friday.

Monthly ABC magazine delivers not only the best equipment reviews but comprehensive coverage of the latest industry news and issues, case studies of how operators are dealing with them, advice from industry experts on a diverse range of business issues, as well as its exclusive bus sales data and used bus classifieds.

Annually, NewBusSearch, Australia’s No.1 bus buyers’ guide, features specifications of all buses and coaches, chassis, bodies, seats and air-conditoning systems available on the market.

With such reach and frequency it’s no wonder leading bus and coach operators choose ABC to keep their BUSinesses moving! (September 2013 CAB audited circulation: 4,388.)

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