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ABC reveals Best Bus June winner

The June winner of ABC’s Best Bus competition is well deserved following months of terrific photos, with this month’s taking the cake

As the ABC Best Bus competition continues to excel, the entries only improve, making the June winner difficult to pick from the field.

But once selected, there was no doubting that Daniel Clarke was deserving of the win for his wonderful shot of his 2017 Denning Phoenix in Broken Hill.

Yet such is the strength of the field, there are numerous honourable mentions as part of the finalists. ABC has once again loved receiving all of these photos and can’t wait to see more terrific photos come in for July!

The winner of the monthly competition will have their photo shown off on the ABC Facebook cover photo slot for the entire month, while the entrant with the most beautiful bus photo will also receive a free 12-month subscription to ABC Magazine.

When it comes to honourable mentions, James Woods’ sunset shot of his white, green and black Ballarat Coachlines coach was stunning in the Australian countryside. Similarly impressive was Mick Williams’ high-quality shot of his Scania/ Irizar by the water amid the autumn backdrop.

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Our last honourable mention for June went to Jarrad Rust for his terrific shot of an Australia Wide Coach gleaming on the street.

Yet our winner deserved the win for his constant high-quality photos in recent months. In a theme of bus photos winning in various Australian shots, Daniel Clarke finally graduated from honourable mention to winner for his stunning photo of his Clarke coach in the glorious sun of Broken Hill.

The 2017 Denning Phoenix photo was taken by Clarke himself while on tour with Twilight Coach Tours. The shot was taken at the Living Desert Sculptures in Broken Hill and is a photo of Clarke’s prized possession.

“I drive this particular bus more days than not,” Clarke told ABC.

“I take great pride in it and making sure it always looks as good as possible.”

The team at ABC loved the quality of the photo and the beautiful bus in the sun!

Don’t forget to send through your Best Bus photos for the months ahead via email and keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details, check out the winning photo below!

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