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ABC Issue 441 – Out Now!

A variety of new safety announcements, trials and technology shows that the future won’t just be sustainable, but also focused on mitigating risks

It’s been well documented that the Australasian bus and coach industry has been a pioneer in the local zero-emissions transition. While the larger vehicle sphere is now starting to follow through with a new range of battery electric and hydrogen fuel-cell models, the bus and coach industry has spent the best part of five years working towards a net-zero future.

Situations along the way have meant that this focus has now been coupled with safety to provide a complex path for the future that will eventually require OEMs and suppliers to lower emissions while also solidifying safety. Recent announcements have confirmed this, with the federal government in April announcing the latest Australian Design Rule (ADR) regulating Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS). These safety alerts will now have to be fitted on all new zero-emissions vehicles in Australia from November 2025 to ensure that pedestrians surrounding the bus can hear the quieter vehicles.

“AVAS technology is already mandated in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea and the United States,” federal assistant transport minister Carol Brown says. “This is our opportunity to catch up with the developed world.”

With this in mind, companies are responding to this pairing of sustainability and safety in the local industry and producing solutions that combine the two into one solid package. While it’s a niche sector, our spotlight on the seating and flooring market is a prime example.

Starting with our cover, courtesy of StyleRide. From page 20, the local seating manufacturer has found a high quality seating model is gaining traction due to its tailorable, comfortable and secure details. We then go to McConnell on page 29, with the Australasian seating leader taking us through its latest investments in both its people and its machinery while teasing a new range that’s on the way this year.

Sege Seats, as can be seen on page 33, has also solidified itself as a major player in Australia’s bus and coach seating market. With foundation customers continuing to rep the Sege brand, the emerging supplier is quickly looking at ways to expand in the region. ABC then makes a detour to the fabric side, where Camira (page 40) announces its plans to continue building on more than 200 years of history.

You may not think there’s a depth of technology that goes into transport flooring, but Altro, from page 36, is here to prove you wrong with the brand’s deep dive into its intricate manufacturing processes and safety results. Reiterating the safety focus in this sector is SGESCO-MAX, who discusses how recent tragedies in the local industry have highlighted the importance of its premier passenger safety solution on page 38.

Outside of this, ABC is proud to announce a new partnership with the Bus and Coach Association of New Zealand (BCA). We warmly welcome all new readers from across the ditch and look forward to including a Kiwi spin in our future magazines.

To finish off, what is arguably Australia’s most famous bus, Priscilla, was finally discovered after years of tireless searching following its mysterious disappearance. ABC was lucky enough to chat to all involved in the process to restore the treasured Australian icon back to its former glory. There’s still plenty more to read through in this bumper May edition of ABC – we hope you enjoy the magazine!

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