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2022 – A remarkable year of deliveries

After a lean couple of years during the COVID pandemic, the bus and coach industry roared back to life, with the industry’s deliveries soaring to new heights.

The bus and coach industry enjoyed the ability to deliver vehicles en masse yet again, with a total of 1132 deliveries being recorded throughout 2022. The industry averaged just over 94 units delivered per month, with a three month purple patch occurring from May to July, where 102, 102 and 120 deliveries were recorded each month. July’s effort of 120 deliveries was the biggest month of the year, as buses and coaches were received by many operators throughout the year.

In the chassis section, 2022 belonged to Volvo yet again. The industry leader proved its worth in 2022, finishing with 284 deliveries for the year, including a peak in June where it delivered 39 units in a remarkable effort. Following Volvo was Scania, who finished with 204 deliveries, while Yutong rounded out the top three with 170 units delivered in 2022. BCI wasn’t far behind, beating out Mercedes-Benz by six, 116 to 110. I-Bus (54) and King Long (47) were back in the pack, narrowly ahead of MAN (37), BYD (32) and Custom Denning (28). To wrap up the chassis market, Hino (13), BLK Auto (12) and BusTech Group (10) all featured irregularly throughout 2022, while Challenger recorded the seven deliveries for the year.

In an incredibly diverse market, it’ll come as no shock that Volgren sat atop the bodybuilder conglomerate for 2022. Volgren finished with a whopping 303 deliveries for the year, with Yutong next best with 170 units in 2022. BCI followed with 123 deliveries, with Irizar narrowly behind with 117. The top four sat far and away ahead of next best Custom Denning (74), who beat out BusTech Group (62), I-Bus (59), King Long (47) and Express Coaches (34). In an even pack of bodybuilders, Coach Concepts (29), Marcopolo (24), Coach Design (20), Scania (18), BLK Auto (14) and Jbus (10) all recorded deliveries in the double figures, while another seven companies shared 25 deliveries between them for the year.

There was a clear winner in the air-conditioning game, as Thermo King couldn’t be stopped in a rampant 2022. The air-conditioning company finished with an amazing 419 deliveries for the year, well ahead of the second placed Cling-Yutong with 173 units. International brand Hispacold recorded 148 deliveries for 2022, while fourth placed MCC finished with 90 units. In an even industry, Coachair (74) and King Long (64) both had strong years, while Spheros ended with just the one more delivery than Valeo (47). New player Songz (25) had a productive year, while Konvekta (18), Denso (15) and Kingtec (13) all remained steady in 2022.

Finally we get to the state competition for deliveries, which had many twists and turns throughout the year. In the end it was Victoria that triumphed, as a strong end to 2022 allowed it to record 304 deliveries. Following Victoria was Western Australia with 281 units for the year, while New South Wales (233) and Queensland (214) remained close for 2022. South Australia continued to increase its bus deliveries with 69 in 2022, while the Northern Territory (15) and Tasmania (13) both broke through ahead of the ACT, which registered the sole delivery for the year.

Please note all data is as supplied from manufacturers, at their discretion. 

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