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$1.9b Western Sydney transport funding to revitalise bus infrastructure

The major federal funding will include a key “first step” to creating a Western Sydney Rapid Bus network

A newly announced funding injection of $1.9 billion from the federal government will revolutionise Western Sydney’s transport infrastructure, including the region’s bus network.

The NSW government welcomed the investment boost, which ranged from delivering new infrastructure to support bus services to funding key road upgrade projects.

Under the funding, the federal government will provide $100 million to deliver new infrastructure and support bus services to the upcoming Western Sydney International airport as part of a first step towards a Western Sydney Rapid Bus network.

“Importantly, the announcement includes $100 million in infrastructure funding to support new bus services to Western Sydney Airport and the emerging city of Bradfield,” NSW treasurer Daniel Mookhey says.

“Funding will also go to continuing the critical planning work for key precinct road and rail connections, which will be crucial to establishing the next round of priority projects.”

Following the funding announcement, Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has begun seeking stakeholder input around a new interchange and bus layover planned for the emerging city of Bradfield.

This will then be followed by broader community engagement about the new services, which are due to begin operating before the new airport opens in 2026.

The interchanges will be built around the future Bradfield City Centre and the airport to allow passengers to easily transfer between the airport, bus and Metro services.

The NSW government has teased that the new services will be a first step towards a Western Sydney Rapid Bus network, with additional services expected to be introduced as demand develops following the airport’s opening in 2026.

“This is a big win for passengers right across Western Sydney,” NSW transport minister Jo Haylen says.

“I want to thank the federal government who have stepped up to help deliver the future bus services that will connect passengers in the west to the new airport when it opens in 2026.”

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